Table of Contents and authors

Introduction, Cynthia Radding and Danna A. Levin Rojo

Part I: Indigenous Borderlands and Spheres of Power in the Americas
Native peoples and cultural landscapes in the Americas

1: Patterns of Food Security in the Prehispanic Americas, Amy Turner Bushnell

2: Crafting Landscapes in the Iberian Borderlands of the Americas, Cynthia Radding

3: Fluctuating Frontiers in the Borderlands of Mesoamerica, Fernando Berrojalbiz and Marie-Areti Hers

Chapter 4: Population and Epidemics North of Zacatecas, Chantal Cramaussel

Indian Conquistadors and Interethnic Relations in the Borderlands

Chapter 5: “Indian friends and allies” in the Spanish Imperial Borderlands of North America, Danna A. Levin Rojo

Chapter 6: The Indian Garrison Colonies of New Spain and Central America, Sean F. McEnroe

Chapter 7: Inter-Ethnic War in Sonora: Indigenous Captains General and Cultural Change, 1740-1832, José Marcos Medina Bustos and Ignacio Almada Bay

Chapter 8: Native Informants and the Limits of Portuguese Dominion in Late-Colonial Brazil, Hal Langfur

Part II: Transcontinental Borderlands in Ibero-America

Internal Trade Networks: Commercial and Migratory Labor Circuits

Chapter 9: Indigenous Trade in Caribbean Central America, 1700s-1800s, Alejandra Boza and Juan Carlos Solórzano

Chapter 10: Connections and Circulation in the Southern Andes from Colony to Republic, Viviana Conti

Chapter 11: The Royal Road of the Interior in New Spain: Indigenous Commerce and Political Action, Tatiana Seijas

Shifting Identities in Relation to Gender, Demography, Ethnicity, and Mestizaje

Chapter 12: Indigenous autonomy and the Blurring of Spanish Sovereignty in the Calchaquí Valley, Sixteenth to Seventeenth Century. Christophe Giudicelli

Chapter 13: Labyrinths of Mestizaje: Understanding Cultural Persistence and Transformation in Nueva Vizcaya, Susan Deeds

Chapter 14: Borderlands in the Silver Mines of New Spain, 1540-1660, Dana Velasco Murillo

Chapter 15: Indigenous Histories in Colonial Brazil: Between Ethnocide and Ethnogenesis, John M. Monteiro

Chapter 16: Colonization, Mediation, and Mestizaje in the Borderlands of Nineteenth-Century Minas Gerais, Brazil, Izabel Missagia de Mattos

The Production of Knowledge: Science and Cartography, Art, Religion, and Music

Chapter 17: Borderlands of knowledge in the Estado da Índia (sixteenth-eighteenth centuries), Ines G. Županov

Chapter 18: Tierra Incognita: Cartography and Projects of Territorial Expansion in Sonora and Arizona, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, José Refugio de la Torre Curiel

Chapter 19: The Virgin of El Zape and Jesuit Missions in Nueva Vizcaya, Clara Bargellini

Chapter 20: Franciscan Mysticism on the Northern Frontier of New Spain, Cecilia Sheridan Prieto

Chapter 21: Musical Cultures of the Ibero-American Borderlands, Kristin Dutcher Mann and Drew Edward Davies

Chapter 22: Frontier Missions in South America: Impositions, Adaptations, and Appropriations, Guillermo Wilde

Shifting Territories and Enduring Peoples in the Iberian-American Borderlands

Chapter 23: Borderlands of Bondage, Andrés Reséndez

Chapter 24: Riverine Borderlands and Multicultural Contacts in Central Brazil, 1775-1835, Mary Karasch

Chapter 25: Conflict, Alliance, Mobility, and Place in the Evolution of Identity in Portuguese Amazonia, Barbara A. Sommer

Chapter 26: Autonomous Indian Nations and Peacemaking in Colonial Brazil, Heather F. Roller

Part III: Imperial Borderlands and Trans-Oceanic Exchanges: Some Perspectives

Chapter 27: Trans-Imperial Interaction and the Rio de la Plata as an Atlantic Borderland, Fabricio Prado

Chapter 28: The Construction of a Frontier Space: Interethnic Relations in Northern Bolivia, Pilar García Jordán and Anna Guiteras Mombiola

Chapter 29: The Spanish Empire's Southernmost Frontiers: From Arauco to the Strait of Magellan, Elizabeth Montanez Sanabria and María Ximena Urbina

Chapter 30: Shaping an Inter-imperial Exchange Zone: Smugglers, Runaway Slaves, and Itinerant Priests in the Southern Caribbean, Linda M. Rupert

Chapter 31: The Pacific Borderlands of the Spanish Empire, Catherine Tracy Goode

Chapter 32: Converting the Pacific: Jesuit Networks between New Spain and Asia, Brandon Bayne

Chapter 33: Indigenous Diaspora, Bondage, and Freedom in Colonial Cuba, Jason M. Yaremko

Chapter 34: Impact on the Spanish Empire of the Russian Incursion into the North Pacific, 1741-1821, Martha Ortega.

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