Raramuri Photos

During April of 2001 and 2002, I visited the Rarámuri pueblos of Norogachi and Pahuichique and observed the Holy Week (Semana Santa) festivities.  Ostensibly there to scout a new field site, I was captivated by the high drama that played out before me: young mud-daubed "pintos" dancing all night around bonfires; fariseos crowned in turkey feathers leading troops of dancers through complex steps; the ceremonial "killing" of the Judas effigy.  These photographs were taken during these visits.

Although I ultimately left the Sierra to pursue my research among the Maya, the austere beauty of the people and the landscape stays with me.  If you've never visited the Sierra Tarahumara, I hope these images convey some feeling for this very special place (and perhaps inspire an adventure).  And if you've paid a visit, I hope they bring fond memories.  Kwira,
Kevin P. Groark