Mission, Objectives & Values


To promote and foster international exchange and collaboration among scholars, students, institutions, existing organizations, and communities within the framework of innovative programs in research, education, and outreach throughout the Americas.


  • To serve as a catalyst in the development of innovative projects in research, education, and outreach based on collaboration among scholars, students, and other residents of the Americas.
  • To facilitate the realization of these projects by providing the infrastructural and financial support required to undertake them.
  • To enhance a broad understanding of the Americas region through effective programs in public education.
  • To create the frameworks within which experimental approaches to research, education, and outreach can be designed, tested, and implemented.


  • We believe that collaboration among individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives is fundamental to the advancement of knowledge.
  • We are committed to promoting such collaboration through concrete projects that require extensive inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary exchange.
  • We seek to complement rather than compete with the programs and projects of our member institutions and other organizations and to contribute effectively to the success of their activities.
  • We insist that all our activities conform to the highest standards of professional conduct and to the laws and regulations of the countries where they take place.

Professional Meetings

Research and Outreach Programs