Program Overview

In 2015, the Americas Research Network will launch a program intended to promote research and academic exchange across international perspectives on the topics of gender, bodies, and sexuality. Key problems in historical and contemporary societies will be approached through the intersection of these analytic axes. Among topics to be included are: (a) health and health policies, illness, medical care practices, and processes of “medicalization” of bodies; (b) legislation, biomedical knowledge and practices, and other factors that impact sexuality; (c) the impact of migration on women and families; and (d) social and cultural interaction across race/ethnicity and sexuality.  Better understanding of these issues will add to the development of knowledge that contributes to confronting and overcoming forms of hierarchy, inequality, and violence faced by women and other groups in societies where differences are stigmatized.

Program Objectives

  • To set middle- and long-term goals and strategies among those involved in collaborative research on gender studies in Latin America and to work in partnerships to identify funding and other resources.
  • To encourage multidisciplinary and transnational research and collaboration in gender studies.
  • To provide space for discussion among researchers, policymakers, feminist organizations, and other communities of interest on gender politics and power relations.
  • To make research on gender, ethnicity/race, and sexuality available to the public by means of textual and digital publications as well as artistic and performative events that speak to the central themes of this program."
  • To encourage training programs and research appropriate for students, scholars, and policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in gender. 

Professional Meetings

Research and Outreach Programs